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Scholarships & Grants

Below are links to help you search for funding through grant applications. Remember there is money out there for a variety of reasons other than you being a potential college student. Grants and scholarships are earmarked for minorities, first generation college students, left handed people, particular field of study, etc. During your search process remember to search for those grants that highlight anything unique about your personal application. Unlike loans, grants do not usually have to be repaid. However, there are two reasons why you may have to repay part of a Federal grant: 1)
The amount given to you was more than you were eligible to receive (this is called an over-award). The most common grants students hear about is the Pell Grant. You apply for Pell Grants, as well as all federal, state and some institutional financial aid programs, by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov .
You can request a paper FAFSA from the Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC) at 800-4-FED-AID (433-3243). A Government Grant’ A financial award given by the federal, state or local government to an eligible grantee. Government grants are not expected to be repaid by the recipient.

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Study Habits

The links below will help you get organized, address areas that can throw you off track and simple actions you can take to be a better all around student.  Making a plan for what you are going to do and when you are going to do it will make sure you are always ahead of the curve.

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Goal Setting

You have had one goal in mind for the past four years – to graduate from high school. For many graduates, you are looking ahead to college and your future. How did you achieve that goal? You made plans while in high school, you followed the plan through, and in the end, you were successful and graduate from high school.
Having goals in college can be a great way to stay focused, motivate yourself, and keep your priorities in order when things get stressful and overwhelming. But just how can you set your college goals in a way that sets you up for success?  Browse the links below to learn more about setting goals.

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Time Management

Time management can become an issue for any student. Combine your job, social commitments and possibly children into the equation , and the list of daily responsibilities becomes even more difficult to juggle.  The added stress of weekly assignments to complete and exams to study for can easily become overwhelming.  Check out the links below on advice and tips for improving and creating a time management.

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Survival Skills

Dorm room, check – roommate, check –  eating, check –  sleeping, studying, social life, cash-flow—you arrive on campus and all of a sudden many of these things can seriously impact your survival. Everyone talks about developing good habit – but how do you survive college while developing these skills. After going through and submitting your college application, and the financial aid you need, you now find yourself on campus, in a dorm room with a roommate, learning to balance studying, sleeping, social life and your cash flow. It is important to nurture good habits.

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Social Media Safety

The rapid growth of social media partnered with their  ease of use and intrusiveness make them popular channels of communication. These easy to use qualities also hold the possibility of a host of unintended outcomes. To  avoid potential issues, check out the following links below on They are examples of best practices from various institutions and are intended to help you understand, from a wide range of perspectives, the implications of participating in social media.

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Career Preparation

While a college degree is important, a diploma won’t fully prepare you for your career. In addition to the courses you took and the degree you completed, it’s important and necessary  that you prepare for life after school by taking advantage of the opportunities around you.  Check out the links below to see what you can start doing right now to prepare yourself after graduation or even sooner if you participate in an internship or cooperative learning experience.

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