Welcome to The Blade in Education’s Website

Northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan educators have consistently recognized the value of including The Blade as part of their teaching curriculum.

The Blade has a long-standing relationship with teachers and its use in the classroom for curriculum in the subject areas of:

• Math
• Reading
• Geography
• History
• Art
• Music

• Diversity
• Public opinion
• Government
• Social issues
• Careers
• and many more!

Teachers recognize that their involvement with The Blade enhances their teaching efforts and brings the world into their classroom environment. Adult learners also use the resources available on this website.

We are fortunate to have community partners who support our efforts through financial contributions and in-kind donation. We would not be able to deliver the quality of programs we do if it were not for the partnerships we share with these companies and organizations. We thank our lead sponsor Taylor Automotive Family and our community partners, Fifth Third Bank, Imagination Station, Toledo Lucas County Public Library, Metroparks of Toledo and the Valentine Theatre.

The eBlade is a great learning tool for students!

eBLADE puts users one click away from the most up-to-date, interactive, and trusted news source available. Seamlessly bridging The Blade’s award-winning journalism with superior digital quality and interactive content, eBLADE’s familiar newspaper format sets the stage for Breaking News Alerts, jump-page links, and story-enhancing video content all accessible from the digital pages of The Blade as it appears on your Mac or PC.

Community Partners

We salute our community partners. We would not be able to provide services and programs to schools without the help of our community partners! Thanks to the following companies and organizations for their continued support of education of students in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Teacher Resources

This is a great place for teachers to find many resources.

Student Resources

This is a great place for students to find many resources.

Parent Resources

This is a great place for parents to find many resources.

Additional Resources

This is a great place for teachers to find many more resources.

What an excellent resource! Not only did we follow the NCAA Basketball Tournament, we used The Blade to extend lessons in reading, writing, math and thinking’s! Many thanks!

Jewel MinarcinEagle Point School

Thank you so much for supporting our learning in the 4th grade. We love using The Blade! Thank you so much Taylor Automotive!

Lori HunterCrissey Elementary

Students enjoyed reading the paper and felt very adult-like.

Tara Smith Chase Stem Academy

Thank you so much for the program. The kids love it and I use it for everything; the weather, Today in History, the Kid Scoop page and events around town.

Nancy Black Burroughs Elementary

Teachers who reserve the daily copy use the paper for activities ranging from current events to computing sport statistics in math. Four copies are reserved for walk-ins, requests from students and staff and another copy is reserved for browsing in the library. It is well used by the end of the day.

Linda WilliamsBowsher High School

This is a fantastic service, and it was greatly appreciated! The generous program has enriched our learning and we are grateful for that. Thank you.

Andrew DuganBeverly Elementary School